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Thank you for visiting the Satellite Industry Association's "Members Only" access site. SIA represents the common interests of its members to U.S. government officials, industry, the media and public at large. Our work on issues undertaken by international bodies and various foreign governments gives members additional opportunities to weigh in on policy matters around the globe. On behalf of the industry, SIA testifies before congressional committees, works regularly with legislators, meet with federal regulators and administration officials, and lobby on a variety of domestic and international issues impacting the satellite industry.

Our members actively shape the positions taken by the industry on the most critical policy issues of the day, such as broadband, spectrum policies, satellite licensing, international market access, public safety, and export controls policy. 

If you believe you are a current member of SIA and have reached is page in error, please contact SIA staff at [email protected] or by calling 202-503-1562 to update your contact information or to confirm your username and password. 

As a member of SIA you will have access to:

  • Review your contact information and make any appropriate changes such as updating your email address, mailing address or phone number; 
  • Use the Member Directory to reach out to your colleagues that are members of SIA or through this site using private message or in a group chat via "Community Forum"; 
  • Stay current on the activities and events hosted by SIA and its partners via the "Event Calendar";
  • Personalize your own private satellite industry community through "My Community".

Included with your membership you will receive, through Committees and Working Groups, access to key policymakers by arranging industry briefings with regulators and Administration officials throughout the government, including the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the State and Commerce Departments, the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR), and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), as well as regular meetings with members of Congress and their staff.  Our government services group provides a platform for industry to interface with leadership at the Department of Defense on space policy, communications infrastructure and requirements, and the framework for the commercial satellite industry’s interactions with the military customer community.  Members shape the agenda for these discussions on topics such as procurement processes and contracting, strategic planning, and space situational awareness. 

SIA also has additional working groups to keep you connected, assist in coordinating industry positions and forward important information, in a timely manner, direct to your inbox within these groups. All the groups are voluntary, so whether you would like to join one group or all of them (or none) is up to you!

Current working groups are:

  • Earth Observation Forum (NOAA, NGA);
  • Export Control Working Group (BIS, State, Exlm);
  • Government Services Working Group (DoD and FAA); 
  • Legislative Working Group (Capitol Hill);
  • Marketing Working Group (first notice of SIA events and where your company can participate, whether a tech demonstration, a spot on a SIA sponsored panel, or sponsorship opportunity);
  • Regulatory Working Group (FCC and NTIA);
  • Small Satellite Subcommittee (sub group, develops SIA positions, either in FCC filings or discussing with other government entities);
  • Space Safety Group (cross functional with discussion items such as Space Traffic Management, Orbital Debris mitigation, or UN COPUOS long-term sustainability guidelines and industry position development); 
  • Technology Demonstration Working Group (responsible for planning and execution of SIA’s annual tech demo which rotates through FCC, House, and Senate annually).

If you would like to become a member, you can apply here:, by contacting SIA staff at [email protected] or call us at 202-503-1560.


 SIA Staff